About Us

The IASC (Intelligent Agents and Soft Computing) group of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, was born in 1996 by the current scientific supervisor, Prof. Giuliano Armano. The research activities of IASC group are focused on machine learning, the main application fields being bioinformatics (in particular, secondary structures prediction) and information filtering and retrieval (in particular, hierarchical text categorization, contextual advertising, and recommender systems).


The IASC group is focused on the definition and development of innovative soft computing methods and techniques, in order to apply them in real applications.


We believe that being involved in research means to concern with life quality. The scientific research supports the economic and social improvement, as everyone deserves a better life quality.

The IASC group has the goal to assume an essential role in research and development.


IASC Members 

- Teaching Staff

- Research Associates

- Lab Fellows

- Ph.D. Students

- Administrative Staff


Former Members

PhD students, research fellows, and researches which supported the group in the past years could be found here.


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