Former Members

The IASC group reached its current knowledge, competences, and importance with PhD students, research fellows, and researches which supported the group in the past years.


- Post-Doc/Ph.D. Students

  • Andrea Addis    download
  • Amir Mohammad Amiri    downloadIasc
  • Giancarlo Cherchi    download
  • Francesca Fanni    download  Iasc
  • Filippo Ledda    download
  • Emanuele Manca   Iasc
  • Andrea Manconi   download
  • Gianmaria Mancosu   download
  • Francesco Mascia   download
  • Alessandro Orro   download
  • Massimiliano Saba   download
  • Eloisa Vargiu   download

- Lab Fellows

  • Matteo Baire   download  Iasc
  • Giammarco Casu   Iasc
  • Alessandro Saba   download  Iasc
  • Fabrizio Tronci   download  Iasc
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