Francesca Fanni 

Francesca Fanni is a Ph.D. Student at the Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (DIEE), University of Cagliari, in the IASC (“Intelligent Agents and Soft-Computing”) group, led by Prof. G. Armano. Her research concerns taxonomy building and contextual advertising in the field of data mining and information retrieval.

MSc thesis :

Studies and analysis of  criteria for selecting training samples for hierarchical classification problems.


  • Giuliano Armano, Francesca Fanni, and Alessandro Giuliani. Measuring discriminant and characteristic capability for building and assessing classifiers. Submitted to DART 2014: 8th International Workshop on Information Filtering and Retrieval. 
  • Giuliano Armano, Francesca Fanni, and Alessandro Giuliani. Stopwords identification by means of characteristic and discriminant analysis. To be published in ICAART 2015 proceedings (International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence). 


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