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Keynote Lectures


Liquid Software on the Web 

Speaker: Cesare Pautasso
Abstract: The personal computing experience is changing. Users no longer run every application and store their data on a single computer. Instead they rely on a complex multi-device environment where users own and operate desktop computers, laptops, phones, tables, watches, glasses and cars to accomplish their tasks and collectively manage their personal information replicated on them. Existing approaches to achieve a liquid user experience whereby data and software can seamlessly flow between devices are starting to appear within the confines of proprietary platforms or may rely on centralized solutions, where data is stored in the Cloud, outside the control of the users producing and consuming it. In this talk we discuss how the open Web and emerging Web technologies can still play an important role to build next generation liquid software systems.



Crowdsourcing for Entity-Centric Information Access 

SpeakerGianluca Demartini
Abstract: Crowdsourcing is a novel approach used to obtain data processing at scale. In this talk we will introduce the dynamics of crowdsourcing platforms and provide examples of their use to build hybrid human-machine systems. We will then present ZenCrowd: an hybrid system for entity linking and data integration problems over linked data showing how the use of human intelligence at scale in combination with machine-based algorithms outperforms traditional systems. Finally, we will also discuss how to use Linked Open Data on top of classic NLP pipelines for selecting entity types to support users browsing and reading Web pages.

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