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KDWeb 2015

1st International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery on the WEB



PROCEEDINGS ONLINE! You can find the proceedings at the website: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1489/


Thank you to all (participants, speakers, staff members) for the support and the contribution to KDWEB 2015!


Nowadays data are continuously created, even if we never notice it is happening. Whenever we sign up for a shopping card, place a purchase using a credit card, or surf the Web, data are created and stored in large sets on powerful computers owned by the companies we deal with every day. With the increasing availability of data, novel tools and systems able to provide effective means of searching and retrieving information are required. Recently, the rapid growth of social networks and online services entailed that Knowledge Discovery approaches focused on the World Wide Web, whose popular use as global systems able to easily extract information and knowledge from the Web. KDWeb 2015 is aimed at providing a venue to researchers, scientists, students, and practitioners involved in the fields of Knowledge Discovery on Data Mining, Information Retrieval, and Semantic Web, for presenting and discussing novel and emerging ideas. KDWeb will contribute to discuss and compare suitable novel solutions based on intelligent techniques and applied in real-world applications.

We particularly encourage to submit abstracts and papers focused on the fields of hierarchical text categorization and taxonomy building and assessment

Information about topic, submissions, dates are reported in the call for papers.


General Chairs

Giuliano Armano (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering - University of Cagliari, Italy)

Alessandro Bozzon (Software and Computer Technology Department - Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)


Program Chair

Alessandro Giuliani (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering - University of Cagliari, Italy)


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