Keynote Lectures


Naturally Intelligent Search
Speaker: Maarten de Rijke 

Abstract: Many information needs concern entities. Effective retrieval methods for entity related information needs require effective representation, discovery and presentation methods. In the talk I will survey recent entity retrieval methods, recent methods for discovering aspects of entities, and emerging ideas to blend the outcomes of such methods into narratives or as part of mixed initiative conversational scenarios.



Entity-Centric Data Management
Speaker: Philippe Cudre-Mauroux 

Abstract: Until recently, structured (e.g., relational) and unstructured (e.g., textual) data were managed very differently: Structured data was queried declaratively using languages such as SQL, while unstructured data was searched using boolean queries over inverted indices. Today, we witness the rapid emergence of entity-centric techniques to bridge the gap between different types of content and integrate both unstructured and structured data more effectively. I will start this talk by giving a few examples of entity-centric data management. I will then describe two recent systems that were built in my lab and revolve around entity-centric data management techniques: ZenCrowd, a socio-technical platform that automatically connects Web documents to semi-structured entities, and TripleProv, a scalable, efficient, and provenance-enabled back-end to manage graphs of entities.

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