KDWEB 2015 will be held at the "Cittadella dei Musei" (Citadel of Museums), located in Piazza Arsenale 1, Cagliari.

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Carried out by military architects Rocco Cappellino and the Palearo brothers in the 16th century, it is included within perimeter of the fortification system of the city, subsequently extended and improved by the Savoys during the 18th century. It was principally used as an arsenal and foundry, as well as a jail and subsequently barracks. Heavily damaged in WWII, it was later abandoned and only in the 1960s it was destined to host a number of museums and areas for temporary exhibitions.

Located in the district of "Castello", between Porta Cristina and the Independence Square, the Citadel of Museums was the ancient home of the Royal Arsenal. It currently houses some of the most important artistic treasures of the city, gathered in the museum collections of the National Archaeological Museum and the National Art Gallery. Here, through bronzetti and Sardinian and Catalan altarpieces of the fifteenth, they trace the history of the island. The complex is also home of Luigi Cocco Collection (Ethnographic Museum), Anatomical Waxes Collection and of Siamese Museum, too. It offers a pleasant terrace and a breathtaking view which overlooks the whole city.

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Entrance of the Citadel
View of the Citadel
Citadel of Museums
Gardens of the Citadel
Citadel of Museums
Inside the Siamese Museum
Siamese Museum
Panoramic View of Cagliari from the Terrace
Panoramic View


Workshop rooms

  • KDWEB 2016 oral presentations (regular papers and invited tallks) will be held in the "Aula Rossa" room.
  • Posters and demos will be held in the "Sala Mostre" room. The reception will be also in this room.
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