Accepted Papers

  • Shoo the Spectre of Ignorance with QA^2SPR - An Open Domain Question Answering Architecture with Semantic Prioritisation of Roles
    by Simone Scannapieco and Claudio Tomazzoli
  • A bag-of-entities approach to document focus time estimation
    by Christian Morbidon and Alessandro Cucchiarelli
  • Knowledge Discovery on Scopus
    by Paolo Fornacciari, Monica Mordonini, Michele Nonelli, Laura Sani and Michele Tomaiuolo
  • Estimating Missing Temporal Meta-Information using Knowledge-Based-Trust
    by Yaser Oulabi and Christian Bizer
  • Discovering Distributional Thesauri Semantic Relations
    by Velislava Stoykova
  • Analysis and Knowledge Extraction from Event-related Visual Content on Instagram
    by Tahereh Arabghalizi, Marco Brambilla and Behnam Rahdari
  • The Brain is a social Network
    by Claudio Tomazzoli, Silvia Francesca Storti, Ilaria Boscolo, Matteo Cristani and Gloria Menegaz
  • Estimating the Spreading of Viral Threads on Twitter
    by Luigi Corvacchiola, Eleonora Iotti and Michele Tomaiuolo
  • Viral experiments
    by Matteo Cristani, Francesco Olivieri and Claudio Tomazzoli
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