Accepted Papers


  • From web to physical and back: multimodal user proling with deep learning
    by Christian Joppi, Gloria Menegaz and Marco Cristani
  • Web literature, authorship attribution and editorial workflow ontologies
    by Matteo Cristani, Francesco Olivieri, Luca Olivieri, Claudio Tomazzoli and Margherita Zorzi
  • A User Modeling Pipeline for Studying Polarized Political Events in Social Media
    by Roberto Napoli, Ali Mert Ertugrul, Alessandro Bozzon and Marco Brambilla
  • Making sentiment analysis algorithms scalable
    by Marco Cristani, Matteo Cristani, Anna Pesarin, Claudio Tomazzoli and Margherita Zorzi
  • Using phi-delta diagrams on Web data
    by Giuliano Armano and Alessandro Giuliani
  • The Problem of Data Cleaning for Knowledge Extraction from Social Media
    by Emre Calisir and Marco Brambilla
  • Automatic Clustering of User Communities: a system architecture
    by Matteo Cristani, Michele Manzato, Simone Scannapieco, Claudio Tomazzoli and Stefano-Francesco Zuliani


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