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Atiqah Izzati Masrani

Corpus Generation and Analysis : Incorporating Audio Data Towards Curbing Missing Information


Eleonora Ciceri, Ilio Catallo, Davide Martinenghi and Piero Fraternali

When food matters: identifying food-related events on Twitter


Eleonora Ciceri, Roman Fedorov and Eric Umuhoza

Assessing online media content trustworthiness, relevance and influence: an overview

Giuseppe Silvestri, Jie Yang, Alessandro Bozzon and Andrea Tagarelli
Linking Accounts across Social Networks: the Case of StackOverflow, Github and Twitter


Ludovico Boratto, Gianni Fenu and Pier Luigi Pau

Design Criteria to Model Groups in Big Data Scenarios: Algorithms and Best Practices


Mario Franco Locci and Giuliano Armano

A text classification framework based on optimized Error Correcting Output Code


Matteo Cristani, Elisa Burato, Claudio Tomazzoli and Katia Santacà

The spider-man behavior protocol: exploring both public and dark social networks for fake identity detection in terrorism informatics


Mohammadreza Khelghati, Djoerd Hiemstra and Maurice Van Keulen

Harvesting All Matching Information To A Given Query From a Deep Website

Paolo Fornacciari, Monica Mordonini and Michele Tomaiuolo
Social Network and Sentiment Analysis on Twitter: Towards a Combined Approach

Reda Mohamed Hamou, Mohamed Amine Boudia and Abdelmalek Amine
Elaboration of an artificial model for filtering of spam based on Human Renal Function
















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