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Social Dinner


The social dinner will take place at the restaurant "Sa Piola", located in Vico Santa Margherita 3.


Sa Piola Restaurant in Cagliari proposes sea's and land's specialties related to the Sardinian tradition. Decorated with elements of Sardinia's peasant culture, the halls recreate an elegant atmosphere rich in suggestion and in the summer you can sit outside along the beautiful alley that leads to the foot of the walls of Cagliari's Castle.

The chef, Giuseppe Vinci, has reinterpreted the traditional kitchen with a touch of freshness, while remaining faithful to past notes in every dish. This success has allowed Sa Piola Restaurant in Cagliari for two consecutive years to earn Slow Food's Golden Snail thanks to the high quality that promotes local products. Carefully selected ingredients are transformed into imaginative and eclectic dishes, with a focus on uncooked and original flavors of raw materials. Hand-made pasta, reflecting the ancient traditions, freshest seconds that speak to the most demanding palates, homemade desserts and an excellent wine cellar that collects the best of the region: at Sa Piola restaurant in Cagliari every day there is an island of flavors to discover.


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